A Better Way To Get Customers To Spend More Money

You have a product or several for sale. You’re making a good profit and the feedback you’ve heard from your customers has been positive. You love serving them and they love what you’re doing.  

But you have a nagging feeling that you’re still leaving money on the table. You know of other products or services that your community would love. You just don’t know how to share these resources. After all, your customers have already purchased one thing from you already. Do they really want another offer from you? 

The answer in most cases is yes. Once customers have spent money with you, it’s a sign that they trust you. They believe in you and if your original product was good, then they’ll want to grab the next product you recommend. 

Don’t Build New Wells

Some solopreneurs and small business owners focus on selling one product to one customer at a time. But that’s not an effective way to run your business. 

Imagine this: you’re thirsty so you dig a well. Once the well has been dug and built up, you fill a glass of water and take a few sips. You’re tired and the water is refreshing. 

But when you’re thirsty again, you don’t go back to the same well—you start trying to build a new one. That’s what it’s like when you try to find a new customer for each sale. This approach is exhausting, and it creates a lot of extra work for you. 

Serve Your Community with Many Products

No one product can meet all the needs of your community. It’s just not possible. That’s why it’s smart to have a product line and promote products or services from others, too. This allows you to meet the needs of your tribe without being drained as you try to create everything yourself. 

For example, most customers don’t want or need a comprehensive product on all the social media networks. Instead, you could create a small resource on how to advertise on Facebook. If your customers enjoy it, you could promote a Twitter guide that another solopreneur is selling. By doing this, you serve your community while also increasing your potential income.  

Listen to What Customers Say 

When it comes to figuring out what your customers want next, take a moment and review some of the feedback you’ve received. Did your customers love your course on WordPress but get bogged down in the module about backups?  

That’s a potential need in your market that you could fill. You could recommend a WordPress backup plugin through an affiliate link or promote the services of a WordPress designer that you trust. The more you listen to your community of customers, the easier it’ll become to spot products or services that they’d love.  

As long as your follow up offers are valuable and helpful, customers will continue to make purchases from you. You’ve already done the hard work of getting your community to know, like, and trust you. Now, they’re eagerly waiting to see what you come up with next. 

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