How To Network Like A Pro… Even If You’re An Introvert

When you’re an introvert, in person networking can feel scary. But it’s also exciting and can help you grow your business in new ways. Here are some tips to help you network like a pro. Do I Really Have To Network In Person? Rachel had always been an introvert. She enjoyed running her online business […]

How to Create the Perfect (and Easy) Launch

You have a hard drive filled with projects you haven’t launched. You’re an awesome dreamer, creator, and doer. But you’re still not putting yourself out there. Sound familiar? If so, you’re hiding your best work from the world and it’s time for a change. Although launching feels like a scary concept, this is what you’re […]

2 Ways to Convert Your WordPress Site to HTTPS and Why It’s The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Special thanks to Courtney Chowning of Brandable Tech for her time and expertise in writing this meaty tutorial for us! When people visit a website and see the padlock next to the URL they know it’s a sign that the website they are visiting is safe and secure. It’s makes people happy. So how do […]

Investing In Your Biz: When It’s Time & Why It’s Important

You’ve Gotten This Far on Free or Low Cost Solutions One of the advantages of starting an online business is it doesn’t require a lot of capital up front. Website software like WordPress is free and open-source. Hosting only requires you spend a few dollars each month. There are even free and low cost shopping […]

What Do You Want In The New Year?

What Will You Embrace This Year? At the end of each year, Jenna always made lengthy lists of New Year’s resolutions. She wanted to improve her life but come February, she would abandon her list and promise that she would get around to her resolutions later. This created a cycle of guilt and shame that […]

Grow Into Your Best Self In The New Year

Choose a Mentor Picking a theme (or you can choose a word(s) too) for the upcoming year is a great way to kickstart the next 365 days. But don’t stop there. You also want to choose a mentor. A mentor is someone that motivates you to keep pushing yourself and upping your own game. Here’s […]

How to Use Facebook Groups to Create Community…The Right Way

Starting a Facebook group lets you connect with your customers in new and exciting ways. You can create Facebook Live videos and encourage members to respond with a video of their own. You can start conversation threads and get feedback from your members within just a few minutes. But before you create your own group, […]

The ‘Secret’ To Turning Customers Into Raving Fans

It’s not really a secret what we’re going to share with you, but doing it (and doing it really well) can help turn your customers into raving fans. It’s not hard. Some of it can be set up to run automatically and other parts can be outsourced even. Ready to know what this “secret” to […]

Be Yourself & Have Fun on Facebook Live – 4 Examples of People Doing It Right

The popularity of Facebook Live proves that viewers love interacting with their favorite celebrities and brands in real time. That’s good news if you’re an online business owner who wants to leverage livestreaming to build a bigger platform. Here are four entrepreneurs using Facebook Live to boost their businesses and grow their communities in exciting […]

Be Brave & Go Live – 8 Topic Ideas To Get You Started

Facebook Live is a powerful way to grow your community. But it can be a bit intimidating and even a little scary to broadcast your very own livestream. You worry you don’t know what to say or you feel frustrated and unsure of which topics to cover. If that describes you, here are a few […]