4 Tips For Hiring Your First Business Coach

Natalie found a business coach she liked but she was still nervous about the hiring process. So, she went to her favorite online business group and asked for tips on hiring a coach. These are some of the tips her friends shared with her…  Watch Out for Superficial Signs of Success It’s important that you don’t […]

Breakthrough Mentor Coaching

Susan was stuck in a rut with her business. She taught DIY graphic design to her customers. She had released two courses and had built a responsive mailing list but she still struggled. No matter how hard she worked, it seemed Susan couldn’t hit the next level in her business.   Susan’s Breakthrough She finally reached out to […]

Why Hiring a Specialty Coach Is Worth It

Pam had been working as a service provider, trading hours for dollars. But she wanted more freedom in her life, so she started looking for ways to make money without having to offer services. After doing some research, she decided she wanted to create courses and sell them to her followers.  There was just one […]

Business Growth and Development: The Big Picture Coaching

It’s true that you can learn a lot from other business owners even if they’re in a different industry. But when it comes to coaching, you want a coach who understands your business model and knows how to make it profitable.  If you’re looking to build a membership site so you can earn a consistent income […]

Bring Your Dreams to Life: Hire A Business Coach

There’s an old and honored principle that states, “Everyone needs Paul, Barnabas and Timothy.” These three men perfectly illustrate the concept of coaching in life but their relationships can also be applied to business coaching.  Who Are Your Business Besties? Barnabas is the one who walks beside you. He or she is your peer and your friend. This […]

4 Hacks to Help Create Content Quicker

You want to create content that is valuable. Your content should be helpful to your community while making your business shine. But creating quality content takes time. If you struggle with content creation, it may take you hours to write a simple blog post or article. You dread each creation session because you know it’ll […]

4 Tips To Increase Your Email Productivity

  Email is a great way to connect with your community and stay in touch with them. But just like every other business tool, you have to know how to use email properly or it can easily consume your days. Many business owners have difficulty managing their inboxes. As a result, they stayed buried under […]

Don’t Let Busy Work Steal Your Productivity: Use The 80/20 Rule

  Busy work is a thief that steals your productivity without your knowledge. You get to the end of your day and you haven’t made any real progress on your goals. Maybe you re-organized your desk or updated your blog. But you haven’t done anything to will truly help you build your business. Busy Work […]

Are You Performing Regular Security Checks?

Most small business owners are running multiple types of software on their websites. That means keeping your website updated, making sure you’re running the current version of WordPress and checking for new plugin updates. Software Upgrades It’s your responsibility to make sure all of your tools are updated. Keep in mind that software purchases often […]

Sharing Passwords With Service Providers

Most people enter dozens of passwords a day. You enter a password to unlock your smartphone, to sign into your laptop computer, and to access your favorite shows on Netflix. Passwords are designed to authenticate the identity of an account owner. They prove you’re really who you say you are. But some malicious users want […]