Taking It A Step Further

Taking It A Step Further: How to Reuse Your PLR Most online business owners make a crucial mistake with their PLR that limits their mailing list growth – they use it in only the format it came in. For example, you bought a PLR report on how to stop procrastinating. You broke it up into […]

Creating Content Upgrades With PLR

Creating Content Upgrades with PLR Many online business owners that use PLR, edit it and publish it on their blogs. They spend a few days promoting it then they let that post die a quiet death and they move on. The problem is that while the post may be informative for the reader, it doesn’t […]

3 Fun Ways To Use PLR

3 Fun Ways to Use PLR When it comes to building your mailing list, there’s one secret weapon you should definitely be using: PLR content. Private label rights content is an ethical tool that’s easy to implement. Try using it one of these three ways and watch what happens to your list… Launch Multiple Opt-Ins […]

How To Make Your PLR Content Unique

Private label rights content is content you purchase to use for your business. It’s often much cheaper than hiring a ghostwriter and it’s faster than creating the content yourself. One of the drawbacks of PLR is that anybody can purchase it. But this doesn’t have to be a big deal for you. Instead, just take […]

How to Read AW Stats

Welcome to the world of owning a website. One of the things that both newbie and even ‘old time’ website owners get overwhelmed by is their analytics and understanding the data. One of the great things about Mom Webs Hosting is we use cPanel which comes with an analytics software already installed – AWStats – […]

Building a Blog: How to Configure Discussion Settings

The “Discussion Tab” is fourth on the list under “Settings.”   This is where you customize how you want people to interact with you. (This is an important section) 1.  Uncheck “Allow link notifications from other blogs (trackbacks and pingbacks” ) If you have this checked it allows too much spam. 2.  Select “Automatically close comments […]

Building a Blog: How to Configure Reading Settings

As we go down the “Settings” list, the “Reading Tab” is next. The “Reading Tab”  determines what gets displayed. 1.  It asks whether you want your blog to show a fixed, static page (like an “ordinary” website) or your latest posts.  Google prefers “Your latest posts” … but if you’re running a service-based business and your blog is […]

Building a Blog: How to Configure Writing Settings

The “Writing Tab” is the next one we will work on.  Not much on this page that needs adjusted,  we will move down to the “Update Services” section. This tells you which services the blog is “pinging” (notifying) every time you make a post. Your screen probably looks like this. This indicates that only one news […]

Building a Blog: How to Configure General Settings

With your theme installed you are ready to begin configuring your blog to look and work the way you want it to.  This post is the first of several that will deal with configuring your blog settings. 1.  The first thing you’ll do is go to your “Settings” tab, in the left hand menu.  The […]

Building A Blog: Installing A Theme

Now that you have selected the theme you want to use, installing it is easy. Log in to your dashboard by typing   http://yourblogname.com/wp-admin   Pay special attention to the left margin.   Click the “Appearance” tab and you’ll see a dropdown menu. Click “Themes.”     You’ll see the current Theme your blog is using […]