4 Things You Can Do to Write Better Blog Posts Starting Today

All too often, we think of the blog that we write for as “our” blog. And, it is. We, as the website owner, have control of the blog. We created it, we operate it, we publish posts on the blog. It is, in fact, ours. In reality, however, “our” blog shouldn’t be entirely about us. […]

Upsells Can Be Simple & Fun To Create

You’ve created a valuable product you know your community will enjoy. But before you launch your new product, take a moment and think about your upsell option. Upsells are products and services that you can add-on to your offer to make even more income. There are several types of upsells that you can create.   Product Bundles After […]

Recommend Products You Love To Your Community

You may think that once a customer has purchased your product, the selling process ends. But that’s not true. At least, it’s not if you want to make more profits while still helping your customers achieve their goals. Selling is an on-going part of building your business.  A purchase is usually a sign your customer trusts you. If […]

How To Select The Right Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a great way to add more profits to your business. You can promote someone else’s product or services and get paid for it.   You don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. You don’t have to create a product. You don’t have to set up a sales page. You don’t even […]

A Better Way To Get Customers To Spend More Money

You have a product or several for sale. You’re making a good profit and the feedback you’ve heard from your customers has been positive. You love serving them and they love what you’re doing.   But you have a nagging feeling that you’re still leaving money on the table. You know of other products or services […]

Include A Call To Action

A call to action is when you tell your community what to do next. When you write a sales page, you tell your customers about the benefits of your product. Then you say something like, ‘click here to buy’ or ‘reserve your spot’. But a sales page isn’t the only place you should be using […]

The Three Characteristics of Compelling Content

If you had to choose between a dying community that’s on life support or a thriving community filled with members who generously share their knowledge and time with other members, which community would you want to lead?   You’d choose the second option. You may have even tried to build a community and found yourself frustrated when after all of your hard work, […]

Ideas Are Everywhere You Just Have To Capture Them

When it comes to creating compelling content, don’t think you have to spend hours brainstorming ideas or researching topics. There are plenty of easy ways to figure out what topics will be the most useful for your community. Use these suggestions to jumpstart your creativity and inspire your next content piece.  Surveys Surveys and suggestion forms are great tools because they allow your community to […]

How To Make An Epic Blog Post With Crowdsourced Content

Crowd sourcing a blog post is a good way to interact with your community and gather valuable feedback from them. It makes you look like a thought leader and it shows your community that you care about their needs.   Kelly McCausey of  Love People + Make Money used crowd sourcing to create her post, Beat Pricing Stress With These Smart Solopreneurs. The post continues […]

How Storytelling Helps You Go “The Extra Mile”

Stories turn ordinary content into compelling content. They make it easier for your readers and listeners to relate to your content. They also help your content become more shareable. That’s why every time you’re done creating a piece of content, pause and ask yourself, “What story could I tell?”  Share your story.  Sometimes, the story might be from your own […]