Business Builders Summit 2021

Oh no... you missed us live! You CAN get replays though, scroll down for info!

Why Get The Replays?

Because the sessions were amazeballs, that's why!

The Business Builders Summit Replays are going to support you in moving in the direction you want.

Without frequent opportunities to check in on where we're headed, we end up spinning our wheels or worse, get headed in directions we don't even want.

Everyone involved in this event is intentional with what they design - so you can be too!

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At Mom Webs Hosting we provide digital real estate to thousands of websites and everyone of them is designed for a purpose.

Love People + Make Money is all about content marketing and community building.

The Business Builders Summit introduces you to people who love helping your website and message reach farther and create more positive results!

Your Summit Team

Kelly McCausey


Tishia Lee

Community Manager

Lynn Leush

Community Creative

We can't wait to spend a week lighting a fire under your business and mission dreams!

We're Up To Positive Shenanigans Too!

The entire Business Builders Summit is hosted in a zoom room and everyone who registers free has access to attend our live sessions.

We ARE recording everything - but the only way get the replays is to support a non-profit we've chosen for doing good work in the world for single mothers. We're going to introduce you to the founders so you can learn about their mission too!

Make a $25 donation to Single Mom Planet before the summit ends and we'll hook you up with access to all replays ❤

Our Summit Experts 

Sadie Smiley

Selling Digital Products On Etsy

Dive into Etsy and learn how to sell your digital products on this amazing platform. Unlocking Etsy success does not have to be complicated! Learn the secrets of ranking on the front page of Etsy with your digital products, no matter your niche.

Gael Wood

Decluttering Your Schedule To Find Time To Pursue Goals

Let's find the time you need to reach your goals both personally and professionally by looking at exactly where your time is going and creating priorities based on your personal values. Not only will we find more time, but you will also be excited to stop doing things that don't make you happy!

Marie Fratoni

Networking Savvy: Connecting Made Fun & Easy

Marie shares the value and importance of building a professional network of prospects, colleagues and friends. The art of connecting is not difficult and if you have simple tools and strategies that support your success, you'll find yourself excited and confident to meet new people. Networking is sharing, and Marie shows how easy it can be.

Colin Yearwood

5 Pillars From Going From Employee To Entrepreneur

A step-by-step process for getting into entrepreneurship. Start with your current skillset, be willing to develop a new mindset, get clear on your financial goals, and develop processes that will allow you to maximize your time, reduce overwhelm and create success in your life and business.

Sheila Netti

Why Budgets & Deprivation May Be Hazardous To Your Wealth

You’ll discover why budgets don’t work and what to do instead, the money leaks that are causing your personal and business financial goals to suffer; and how to eliminate the habits that are keeping you from being in control of your money.

Melissa Brown

Supercharge Your List Building With Content Upgrades

If you’ve only got one lead magnet on your website, you’re missing out on one of the biggest opportunities to grow your list. 10x your email list and automatically segment it by strategically using a little bit of extra content.

Joan Rudder-Ward

Change Your Life In A Snap

Use your cell phone camera as a transformational tool! Learn how taking the right ‘snaps’, photos, can open your creative flow to bring in new ideas and solutions, to help you get past blockages in your mind, soul, spirit.

Lou Bortone

Video Is The New Handshake: How Personalized Video Can Enhance Connections & Build Business

The most powerful way to make meaningful connections in a post-pandemic world is through the use of personalized videos. Discover the new rules and new tools for personal video outreach and video emails so you can connect and engage with your audience.

Alice Seba

Reinventing Your Business

Your business is meant to be a part of you that fits your life perfectly and provides with the freedom you are looking for. That means it needs to be fluid, so you can adjust and reinvent yourself as trends, change, your life changes and you change. Join me, as I share my own journey of consistently, but easily reinventing myself over the last 19 years to maintain a multiple 6 figure business and a lifestyle that keeps me blessed 24/7.

Illinois Cole & Neferteri Plessy

The Women & Work Behind Single Moms Planet

Let's introduce you to the non-profit we're so excited to support this year ❤

Shaunda Necole

There's Never Been A Better Time For You To Be On Pinterest!

Increase your page and product views with Pinterest- the only platform designed for content creators! Now that Pinterest includes shoppable product Pins, there's never been a better time for you to position your blog or online biz in front of 450-million people looking for ideas, inspiration, and your how-to solution!

Alex Strauss

Nurture Your Nature To Grow Your Business

Nature's impact on our brains and bodies as entrepreneurs. As little as ten minutes a day communing with the Earth has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve mood, boost focus, enhance energy, make us more compassionate, and help us make better decisions.

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