Featured Client: Rebecca Metz

Get to know our client, Rebecca Metz! 

About Rebecca:

In a room full of powerful entrepreneurs, Rebecca Metz realized something profound that changed the trajectory of her career. Those people were reaching the top of their game, but were sadly missing the mark with getting their message out. From that, an idea was born.

Hashing away for months, Rebecca eventually created a system that would allow entrepreneurs to get their magic online. With a fantastic website as the core, her system showcases how business owners make a difference in the lives of their clients and customers.

As creator of Web Pages That Sell, Rebecca helps clients get more business . . . consistently. Using the collaboration of a dynamic website, engaging social media, and personalized branding, she creates an online ecosystem that attracts clients, and sells products and programs authentically.

An intrinsic educator, Rebecca’s secret sauce is taking the scary out of technology. She teaches clients to use and manage their website and integrate it with social media and other marketing tools to create a powerful brand image — one they can update as often as needed.

“My clients understand how their branding tools work, and they have control over their technology,” she says. “They call on me when they need to, but know they have the power to make informed decisions and execute changes themselves.”

Honored with the Women in Networking Connector Award, Rebecca has spoken at numerous events, including here at the National Resume Writers Association Annual Conference, Career Directors International Annual Conference, eWomen Network, Polka Dot Powerhouse and at the Exposure and Profit Conference.

Do you have a big message to spread? If so, we specialize in working with cool people like you!

Our team is fortunate to work with innovative, creative businesses doing great work in the world.

With extensive backgrounds in IT, creative problem solving, brand promotion, teaching and marketing strategies, Web Pages That Sell offers unique online marketing solutions for creating web and mobile technologies that make money for our clients.

We pride ourselves in taking the necessary time to listen, to teach, to be a solution. We understand that your business is your focus, websites are a tool for your business success and we simply make that tool function best for your bottom line.

Who we are:
As business owners, our creative team understands the value of true partnerships when it comes to making business work. We have extensive backgrounds in product development of online tools and techniques, social media management, copywriting, technical support and all of us are continually learning.

Who we seek as clients:
People who live on the sunny side of the street! Active, life-long learners, who are making a difference in their fields of expertise, choose to bring their visions to life, can make a decision and believe in abundance.

We welcome the opportunity to be part of your online marketing team.

What are you most proud of in your business?

Our fantastic team that has been assembled that can help in every aspect in building the website that will speak to your audience and give them an opportunity to build trust and do business with you!

How has Mom Webs hosting supported you?

I love referring my clients to Mom Webs to help them with their hosting needs! I love that I can count on the awesome customer support to walk through any technology challenges!