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The most complete and reliable way to backup your site is to use a cpanel feature called "Download or Generate a Full Website Backup".

1. Login to cpanel

2. Click on the "Backups" icon.

3. Click on "Download or Generate a Full Website Backup".

4. Save the download file to a safe place on your computer - if you have a large site it may take a few minutes for the Save box to appear, and it may take quite some time to download the file.

That file will include everything about your hosting account - email accounts, databases, files, graphics, forwarders, mailing lists, plugins, themes, etc.


If you need your site restored from a backup open a help ticket and attach your backup file to it.  We will restore it for you.  Note that a restore will DELETE EVERYTHING CURRENTLY ON YOUR SITE, including any stored emails, and will replace it all with your backup copy.

There are also of thousands of other cpanel webhosts who can restore that file for you if you need to move to another host for some reason (this is also a good way to give someone a copy of your site if you sell it.)

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