Transferring a domain name registration TO Mom Webs

If you already own a domain name that is at another registrar, you can transfer the registration to Mom Webs.  The cost is $14 for .com and most other common domains, $15 for .net and .org domains, and the price varies for the less  common domains.  The transfer will add one year to the end of the current registration period. To transfer a domain you need to do the following:

1. Check the date on the registration. If the domain was registered or renewed within 60 days prior to today it can't be transferred yet. If that's the case you can start the transfer process after the 60 day period has passed.
2. Unlock the domain registration at the current registrar.
3. If you have privacy protection enabled on the domain disable it.  Privacy protections costs $2.00 per year extra and can be added as soon as the transfer is complete.
4. Make sure you can receive and respond to email at the email address listed on the domain registration as the "administrative contact". If you can't, change that address to a new one where you can receive mail.
5. Get the authorization code (EPP key) from the current registrar and send the domain name and code to us so that we can start the transfer.

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