Editing the .htaccess file

Many Wordpress blogs use redirects to provide easy links to other sites, such as affiliate programs.  Here's how you can edit the .htaccess file for your site.  Note that any changes made here will apply to your entire site, not just the Wordpress blog.

To edit the .htaccess file, do the following:

1. login to cpanel
2. click on the File Manager icon
3. select the following options from the pop-up page:
- Web Root (public_html/www)
- Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)
4. click the Go button
5. in the list of files on the right side click on .htaccess
6. click the Edit icon at the top center of the page
7. click the Edit button in the pop-up page
8. edit the text in the file, and click the Save Changes button at the top right when you are done

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