Change nameservers

To change the nameservers on a domain that is registered at Mom Webs:

1. Login to our help desk at

2. From the top menu, select Domains -> My Domains

3. To the right of the domain name for which you want to change the nameservers, click the down arrow and then select Manage Nameservers

4. If you are hosting the site at Mom Webs, click the radio button next to Use default nameservers.  If you are hosting the site elsewhere, click the other radio button and then fill in the new nameservers.

5. Click the Change Nameservers button.

To change the nameservers on a domain registered elsewhere, contact your domain registrar (each registrar has a different method of doing this.)  Change the nameservers to:

Be sure to replace all nameservers already on your registration with the Mom Webs nameservers listed above.
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