Grow Into Your Best Self In The New Year

Choose a Mentor

Picking a theme (or you can choose a word(s) too) for the upcoming year is a great way to kickstart the next 365 days. But don’t stop there. You also want to choose a mentor. A mentor is someone that motivates you to keep pushing yourself and upping your own game. Here’s how to pick the best mentor for your upcoming year…

Who Inspires You?

Start by thinking about who regularly inspires you. Maybe it’s the speaking coach that’s crushing it with her products or the crafty mom who turned her blog into a thriving business that supports her family.

It’s OK if you choose a mentor in a different niche. For example, you may choose a mentor who sells makeup online, even though you’re a brand designer for local businesses. Just because you’re in separate industries, it doesn’t mean you can’t be influenced by her.

Why Do They Inspire You?

As you consider who might be a good mentor, ask yourself why certain people inspire you. It may be they have something you want like a big business, a good marriage, or a great sense of style. It could also be something they already are like an artist, an entrepreneur, a speaker, or a novelist.

Getting clear on why someone inspires you is important. Once you know, you’ll understand yourself better and what it is you want to create more of in your own life.

How Can You Learn from This Mentor?

You can begin learning from your mentor right away. Read her blog and sign up for updates. Listen to her podcast episodes and take notes on the nuggets of wisdom that capture your interest. Follow her on social media and check in on her profile a couple of times a week.

Study what works for your mentor and what doesn’t. Pay attention to how she structures her time and uses her energy. Note her goals and see how she reaches them and what she tools she uses along the way.

How Will You Engage with Your Mentor?

As you’re learning from your mentor and soaking up her wisdom, don’t forget to engage with her. Comment on Facebook or reply on Twitter. Let her know how much you appreciate the fact that she’s sharing her journey.

Look for ways you could hang out with her, whether online or in a virtual space. Sign up for her webinar or attend the conference she’s speaking at. Watch her livestreams on Facebook or try to take her courses.

Finding a mentor doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. In fact, there’s probably one or two women that you already admire and can learn a lot from!

And you can take it a step further – hire a coach!

Hire a Coach

Growing into your best self isn’t always easy. It usually requires hard work and discipline. That’s why having a coach by your side can be so helpful. You have someone that understands what you’re doing and pushes you to achieve your goals. But before you hire the first coach you meet, keep these four tips in mind:

Consider a Specialty Coach

There are many kinds of coaches and often, a coach will specialize in an area like spirituality, health, business, or relationships. The advantage of choosing a specialty coach is that she spends most of her time serving people just like you. This means she’ll already know the best tools and methods for helping you achieve your goals.

However, it’s important that you don’t try to change your whole life by taking on 15 different specialty coaches. You’re likely to be overwhelmed. Instead, pick one area of your life that you want to change this upcoming year and focus on that.

Know What You Want to Tackle

What is that one goal that if you achieved it, your whole life would improve? Maybe it’s your finances or your health or your marriage. Whatever that area is, think about what you want to accomplish.

If you want to change your finances, maybe your big goal is getting out of debt and creating an emergency fund. If it’s your health, maybe your big goal is to move from consuming highly-processed foods to eating organic foods that nourish your body.

Remember, your coach can’t create a goal for you. She can help you refine your goal so it fits with your values and honors who you are. But you’re likely to get more out of your coaching sessions if you already know your destination.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush to hire a coach just because another year is starting. Choosing the wrong coach is like buying a pair of shoes that are too small. Yes, you can still get where you want to go but the journey will be painful and kind of miserable.

You want to take your time and choose a coach that’s a great fit for you. A coaching relationship should stretch you a little (just like those new heels) but it should be a fun experience that fills you with confidence!

Get a Coach who asks Hard Questions

Make sure you find a coach who challenges you. A good coach doesn’t just give you the tools to succeed. She also mines deeper, looking for hidden mindset issues that are holding you hostage and keeping you from accomplishing your goals.

You also want a coach who won’t let you off the hook or accept your excuses. You want someone that’s going to make you accountable and follow up with you on how your progress is going.

When it comes to choose a coach, don’t settle. Keep searching until you find a coach that you really connect with and that challenges you to be the best version of yourself.