Featured Guest: Florine D. Beck

florine-beckWe love learning more about the people behind the websites we host.

Tell us about your business:

I raise Weimaraner puppies for loving families. I started out making a few hundred dollars every 6 months to matching my husband’s income. Which, for awhile now, has keeping us afloat financially.

Visit Beck’s Grey Ghosts

What are you most proud of?

I have enjoyed all the many puppies we have raised. But most of all God has placed families in our lives that have become life long friends, strong prayer warriors I can call on in times of need, a best friend I will treasure for life, and so many opportunities to witness and share our love for Jesus.

How has Mom Webs supported you?

I have loved being in the MWH family. I am not by any means a computer wize. Anytime I have needed help it has been instant and so very kind. Scott has been a blessing with being so patient with my questions. I am very proud of my site :).