Blog Week 2022

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Your Own Website/Blog Is Still The Most Valuable Content Marketing Tool Available!

When you're slicing up your available time and creativity, save the best for your home site/blog - you'll never regret it!

Blog Week Is...

A Source Of New Ideas

Blogging has been around for a long while now but there are always new concepts and tools to discover and we've curated topics & experts you're going to love.

An Opportunity To Connect

Content creation is often a solo-gig, but it doesn't have to be. Tune in to attend live as often as you can to make new friends and find fun collaborations.

A Way To Get Inspired

Everyday people have had their lives changed by blogging - and they're impacting others in big ways. We want you to know them!

A Motivating Kick In The Pants

If your blog has gathered dust - or not yet quite got going... you're not alone AND we believe Blog Week is going to light a fire under your Content Marketing logs at last.


I'm Kelly McCausey

My entrepreneurial journey started in early 2002. I was a broke single mom desperate to make ends meet. Urgency and determination opened doors that would change my life - most all related to Content Marketing and Community Building.

I believe in the power of Blogging to create a virtual home base with irresistible gravitational pull - drawing your perfect people in from all over the web to spend time with your ideas and ultimately respond to the offers you make.

Blog Week is a celebration of this most powerful content tool. Join me and my hand picked guests and soak up the ideas and inspiration we'll share.

Our Speaker Line Up

Dr. Destini Copp

Boost Your Blog Income With Digital Products

Want to find ways to boost your blog income with passive income digital products? In this session, we’ll cover five types of digital products you can sell on your blog, how to choose the best way to start with and how to get started quickly and easily.

Dr. Destini Copp helps business owners increase their passive income revenue with digital products and evergreen sales funnels.

Michelle Waters

How You Can Build a Business With One Blog Post and SEO

Wouldn’t it be great if you could write a blog post that attracts your ideal customers with having to chase them down? That’s what happened to me! Learn how you can write the blog post that will attract the people who want to buy your product or service.

Michelle Waters started a teacher blog in 2012 as a place to write about her new career. Then she wrote a post in 2014 that has served as the pillar of her entire online publishing company. She left teaching in 2021 to stay home and run her business full time.

Michelle Garrett

Repurposing Content To Shine On Multiple Platforms.

Let's make sure all of your best content ideas are leveraged for use on every platform that counts for your community.

Michelle D. Garrett wants female entrepreneurs to embrace their inner diva and become driven, inspiring, victorious and called to action while learning to make money by showing up consistently. A wife, mom, and mental health advocate she teaches women in business how to find the “right for them” balance between family, life, and work.

Nedra McDaniel

Discover The Joys Of Adventure Blogging

Life is all about sharing experiences. I love nothing more than sharing a first-time adventure with family or friends, new or old. 

The irony is that I’m kind of a wimp but I’ve become addicted to the magic that happens when I face my fears and step outside of my comfort zone. 

I love sharing adventures and encouraging my readers to try something new because their lives will never be the same.

Melissa Brown

Power Up Your List-Building With Content Upgrades

Bloggers listen up! One of the smartest things you can do is always be building your email list. The second smartest thing is segmenting your email list according to who is interested in which of the different topics you blog about. The strategy that makes segmenting simple and easy is to learn how to create Content Upgrades on your blog posts. In Dr. Melissa Brown's talk, you'll learn all about Content Upgrades for your blog and how you can use this strategy to super-charge your list-building and segmenting efforts.

Dr. Melissa Brown helps coaches and solopreneurs first get crystal clear with their magnetizing message--who and how they serve others--and then helps them create a content strategy that leads to booked-up calendars and built-up banks.

Paul Taubman

Sometimes it is good to "Play It Safe"

Harry Gray is quoted as saying, "No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe." In many aspects of business and life, this is a true statement. However, in many situations, this is far from the truth. Let's talk a little about when it applies and when it doesn't.

As the Chief Online Strategist of Digital Maestro, Paul B. Taubman, II has his roots deep in the world of technology. Paul speaks internationally and teaches businesses and individuals how to make more money with their websites. Your stress levels will melt away after working with Paul as you take control of your website and turn it into a profit machine.

Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack

Rocking A Lifelong Passion With a Blog

I had absolutely no formal background in cooking before I decided to start a food blog and document family recipes, develop new recipes, and partner with brands.  

Food has been the core of my family and business. And now I want to share that love with you through meaningful conversations turning passion into purpose. Over the last 10+ years, my site has grown from a small source of additional income to a full-time, six-figure business.

Yvette Marquez is the Latina and founder behind the Mexican food site, An Emmy-winning producer and writer, food blogger, and author of Muy BuenoLatin Twist, and a third cookbook due out in 2023.

Therese Sparkins

What if it were Easy?

How often are you making things harder than they really need to be in your business - and even more so in your life?  Let's talk about how this one simple question can point the way to faster and more joyful results everywhere.

As a Radical Living and Leadership Coach, Therese is the living example of a leader who wants others to follow in her footsteps; creating the impact they want, living in full awareness and aliveness, and creating a world full of other Radical Leaders!

Gina Lincicum & Michele Brosius

Successful bloggers diversify their income from day one

Diversifying your income streams is important to any successful blog business. We have successfully pivoted and increased income streams throughout our careers. Learn more about why and how to do this for your own blogging business.

Gina Lincicum & Michele Brosius each have over 14 years of experience in the blogging space. Together they run an online digital community, mastermind memberships, and a PLR shop for lifestyle bloggers. 

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