WordPress Blog Installation

You may have said this a time or two – “I want to put up a blog, but I don’t know how” or “I just don’t have time to figure it out”. No worries.

We’re going to install it for you for FREE, as a benefit of choosing us as your hosting provider.

Here’s how to get your blog – if you’re new to us.

Choose the hosting plan that best fits your needs.  For one single blog, the Mini is just right.  You can always upgrade later if you decide you need more than one blog or domain set up.

If you have any questions during the ordering process, contact support@momwebs.com no matter how big or small the questions may be. We WANT you to succeed.

No. Product Plans Mini Multi Mega
1 Monthly Pricing Starting at $5 ($15/quarter)
$10 $20
2 Hard Disk Storage 900 MB 2000 MB 5000 MB
3 Monthly Transfer 20 GB 100 GB


P.S. We have a great little ‘Get Started With a Basic Design Package’ if you’d like us to help you with that.  Check that option out here.